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The Story of the Monarch Butterfly

Tilisa shares her story of God's saving grace. . .


An Afternoon With God. . .

I will start my story with a little bit of my background growing up.  As an infant, I was baptized in the Catholic church. I believe that is why the Holy Spirit and my belief in God was so strong all my life.  Growing up, my mom would take us to church, usually only on the holidays.  I also have foggy memories of attending a Sunday school type of program that left me very confused as a child as to who this Jesus was.  In my twenties, I decided I wanted to go to church to learn about God. Unfortunately, I struggled to find a church home and decided that church wasn't for me.  In my thirties, I tried again and found it was very difficult to connect with others at church. I spent most of that time unsuccessfully 'shopping' off and on for a church home.

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Finally, in my forties I had hit rock bottom. The realities of living a selfish, self-centered life had left me - divorced, fired from my last job, my home in foreclosure, drinking too much, and a seemingly endless line of broken relationships.  One afternoon I decided that I had done a really bad job with my life and I wanted more - I wanted to be a better person, to live a life with purpose for something other than myself.

So I sat down, lit my candle and I prayed.  And prayed. And prayed. . .

For over an hour, I talked to God. I told Him all the crummy things I had done to others and to my self. I asked God to forgive me. I told Him that I was giving my life over to him - I had done such a bad job with it that I wanted God to take over.  I knew He could do a better job with my life than I could - I had proven that over and over and it showed in all those broken relationships.  I basically sucked at living my life.

Then something AMAZING happened! God gave me a vision of myself - actually a vision of my transformation. I was sitting there in my prayer time with God and my body became a dark, brown, confining, strangling cocoon. I had dark brown pollution and rusty chains coming from my tail end of my cocoon - pouring out of me as I confessed all of my dark, dirty, filthy sins to Him (that took quite a while). Then as I asked for forgiveness and surrendered my life over to God, I began to break free from the cocoon and started to emerge as this beautiful monarch butterfly!!!  

I didn't know anything about the Christian stories of that kind of transformation at that time, what salvation was, or what it was to surrender my life to God.  I learned about it later as I began to study God's word and participate in bible studies.  It was a confirmation of God's mercy and grace on us sinners - on me.  (the Christian story of the butterfly is below)

I am still a work in progress (aren't we all) but I hold on to that 'butterfly moment' and all that God has done for me. My passion is to share that moment with others, help others come to know God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and to live a life in freedom.  Let's spread our wings, soar high above and show the world the beauty of what it means to live a life in Christ!

Yours Truly, Tilisa

The Christian Story of Emerging Anew. . .

"Reflecting on the process of metamorphosis as it occurs in nature provides a helpful vantage point from which to grow in this (dying away of who we used to be) understanding. It is amazing how a caterpillar spins about itself a hiding place from which it later emerges and takes flight as a butterfly with delicate, iridescent wings. Our faith proclaims that this is what happened to Christ. He lived as a human being who freely entered into the hiding place of death, to emerge, deathless, filled with light and life, and utterly transformed. Our faith proclaims that in following Christ we experience the same thing. As Saint Paul expressed it in his second letter to the Corinthians: "Therefore if any one is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things have passed away; behold, new things have come" (2 Cor. 5:17)."

James Finley

Christian Meditation -

Experiencing the Presence of God